Health & Wellness

Young Families Early Head Start (YFEHS) believes that health and wellness are vital to a child’s ability to grow, develop and learn. A child who is in an unsafe environment, sick, tired, hungry, or under emotional stress is
unable to divert energy and attention to thinking, playing, and learning, and as a result school readiness and social competence are greatly jeopardized.


YFEHS believes that the environment and all areas of development – physical,
emotional, social, cognitive—all interact together and help to either support
or impede good health. YFEHS strives to achieve the following outcomes
for the infants, toddlers and families we serve:

Physical—freedom from illness or injury; regularly scheduled well-child check-ups and immunizations, including oral health; adequate nutrition and hygiene; and opportunities for exercise and outdoor activity.

Emotional—The ability to cope with stress, the ability to display and express a range of emotions, and the ability to engage in meaningful play.

Social—A sense of belonging to a community, having an impact on the world through play and the ability to make and maintain close relationships

Cognitive—the ability to concentrate, remember and to solve problems.

Environmental—Living, working and playing in areas that are safe, clean and pleasant.

YFEHS provides services to pregnant women and to families with infants
and toddlers, including those with disabilities and/or special needs. YFEHS offers opportunities to identify health concerns early through health screenings, parent education, and access to a variety of community resources.

YFEHS’s Health and Wellness Specialist (HWS) works closely with each
family to ensure their child’s participation in a schedule of well child care
and implementation of ongoing evaluation procedures that identify health
and/or developmental concerns in a timely fashion so that appropriate referrals (if necessary) are made quickly.

The HWS works closely with YFEHS participants and staff which include
the following areas: nutrition, mental health, safety, oral health, disabilities, wellness issues, medical insurance, health tracking, and families in crisis.

The HWS meets regularly with prenatals to assist in accessing comprehensive prenatal and post partum care.

YFEHS also provides education to the prenatals about their child’s development and completes an at home postnatal visit within two weeks of the birth.

Health Services Advisory Committee (HSAC) meetings are held annually
to advise in the planning, operation, and evaluation of the Health
Services Program of YFEHS. HSAC provides a platform for community
agencies to form and sustain imperative partnerships on behalf of assisting
the population YFEHS serves.

YFEHS strives to instill in families the knowledge and understanding of
the importance of good health practices that they will remember long after
leaving our program.

Please click the following link to view information on upcoming screenings for children birth to age five.

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